The NDIA Integration Module is for service providers who use Lumary to manage and support their NDIA funded clients. Think of it as an extension that connects Lumary to the NDIA via PRODA.

Save time and money. When your participant information in Lumary aligns with the NDIA, your business runs more efficiently. Fill out our enquiry form to connect with us about using the NDIA Integration Module to help your business.


  • check client info - client details are checked at intake, and the latest plan details are stored on your client's record
  • create service bookings - service bookings are automatically created with the NDIA when you create service agreements in Lumary
  • amend service bookings - amendments to service bookings are also updated with the NDIA
  • automated NDIA claims - claims from Lumary are processed from a single button click in Lumary, and
  • NDIA notifications - trigger or subscribe to any or all notifications from the NDIA. These are received and acted on in Lumary.

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